Thinking of the holidays each year always brings back such warm memories. Ice skating and sledding with a warm cup of cocoa waiting for us afterward as we shed all of our layers in massive piles in the kitchen. Or digging up the stained and faded peanut butter bar recipe to recreate the special treat that my Grandma made each year for Christmas Eve. A personal favorite of mine was always making and decorating sugar cookies.  The kitchen was always covered in flour and smelled like I imagine the Keebler elf tree would. We would always frantically decorate as many cookies as we could because we thought that we could eat every cookie that we decorated… probably best that it was only a once a year occasion.


As Bushie’s Kitchen goes into its first official holiday season, I wanted to turn these sweet memories into sweet treats.  Flavors like peppermint bark, hot cocoa, peanut butter buckeyes, gingerbread, and cranberry sauce will all be transformed into decadent cupcakes. These, along with traditional sugar cookies and chewy molasses cookies, all make for a perfect holiday treat or hostess gift!  The cupcakes freeze fantastically, allowing you to get all of your desserts and treats in advance at the Made Market on December 8th!

The Made Market is a wonderful event, bringing together local artisanal vendors who have exquisite products, making it the perfect stop when you’re looking for a beautiful gift.  While you’re shopping for these gifts you’ll also be able to stop by our booth to grab a treat for yourself and a few to take home and share, or hide and indulge on later!

Made Market

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